About Us

At Fotonow we believe in the power of creative media to enable people’s voices to be heard.

We’re passionate about nurturing ambition, growing confidence and empowering both individuals and communities through media and education. We bring together expertise in education, community development and media production to develop and run creative projects that make a difference to people’s lives.

We’ve been based in Plymouth for the last five years, and work across the South-West on a wide array of projects.

Business for a good cause

As a community interest company, the profits we earn we reinvest to support our social aims. We believe social enterprises are leading the way to a kinder, more equal and sustainable future.

Since we trade to fund our social aims, we produce commercial work to commission through our FotoPlus brand.

We’re committed to demonstrating the value of the difference we make. We measure our social impact and publish our results on a yearly basis.