Darkroom Membership

Our darkroom membership is an annual subscription of £240.00 that gives you access to our darkroom and film processing. 

Darkroom members will enjoy working from our facilities a Ocean Studios (Royal William Yard, Plymouth). Ilford chemistry for B&W printing is included, along with a personal locker, online store to buy film / paper as well as calendar to book enlarger / printing.

Members will be able to work from facilities Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 0900-2000 and Saturdays from 1000-1600.

As a Social Enterprise we offer great value for money, and you can feel positive knowing your money will be re-invested in the company and the local community.

The darkroom hosts 4 x LPL 6700 6×7 enlargers (to print 35mm and 120mm negatives), large processing sinks, paper trays, plus film processing room with spiral developing tanks and neg drying cabinets.

The member’s login gives you access to paper supplies, that can be bought online and delivered to your locker. .

We expect members to have previous experience using a darkroom; processing and printing. All new members are required to complete our basic darkroom induction and sign health & safety disclaimer to work independently

If you want to learn analogue photography, processing and darkroom printing then we can offer bespoke workshops.

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