Our Impact

As a social enterprise, we believe in the importance of demonstrating the value of our work and the difference we make. We hold the Social Enterprise Mark, and  We measure the success of our work against our social impact statement, which drives our mission:

“We use creative media as a powerful and inclusive tool to enable people’s voices to be heard. Our work is rooted in place; we nurture possibility and ambition; we create positive social change for individuals and tangible outcomes for the communities we serve.”

How we do it


Fotonow was founded by, and is staffed by passionate educationalists. We run workshops and informal education projects. In addition to this we work with formal education providers across the region. Our annual South West Graduate Photography Prize showcases the best emerging talent from photography courses across the region, providing a platform for graduates to move into employment.


We advocate for participatory media practice. This means getting people behind the camera and making their own images and video. Elitist mass-media often mis-represent the views of ordinary people – teaching media skills empowers people to take control of their own stories


Our outreach vehicle Camper Obscura has been on the road since 2010, entertaining and engaging the public across the UK, demonstrating the basic principles of photography though a built-in camera obscura!


We produce work to commission through our FotoPlus brand at commercial rates, and use the income from this to sustain our business and support our community work. We are always looking for support through funding and donors.


We often present highly visible outcomes for projects in the form of public art installations, encouraging people to both contribute to and experience visual culture outside of traditional gallery spaces.


We compile data from our projects and present them yearly in our CIC34 document filed with Companies House. As of 2017, we will be providing a much more in depth yearly impact report that will be available as a PDF on this page. For more information please contact info@fotonow.org.