Becoming a Sustainable Social Enterprise: Action Planning

Starting the Process

Last week we gathered the whole team together to start the process of creating an action plan to make Fotonow a sustainable social enterprise.

James gave a presentation to bring everyone up to speed on the latest climate change language and statistics. This greater understanding of the crisis enabled us to think more clearly about what needed to be done.

James sharing climate change informatin with the rest of the team during the climate action plan workshop.

Creating an Action Plan

Ryan then gave a presentation to relay the information he learnt during his One Planet Living (OPL) workshop to the rest of the team.

After learning of the OPL framework we decided that it was the best method for us to use as it was inclusive and holistic. Using the 10 Guiding Principles, we brainstormed what the outcomes of our action plan should be, how we would achieve them, and why they were important to us.

James, Ryan and Faye plotting action plan outcomes along a short to long term timeline.

A Positive Experience

Overall, it was an extremely positive day and worth the effort in making sure the whole team was involved. The conversation was open and lively, with everyone giving great input into the action plan.

The next step will be to formalise our coloured scribbles and post-it notes so we can add more detail to our desired outcomes and make sure we focus on the most impactful actions.