Farewell, Emma

We are sad to say the Fotonow team must say goodbye to Emma Winslet, our Community Photographer, after a year of being in post. She leaves to pursue dreams of traveling and we wish her all the best for the future. Prior to joining the team full time, Emma volunteered and worked on specific projects. We will miss your positive energy and passion for helping others, Em! And the door be always open 🙂 Below are some pictures from her time with us and a farewell message from her.

Emma started volunteering on The Island Stories project in Barne Barton

Emma’s Farewell Message

Discovering Fotonow CIC in 2018, and finding a path into the world of Socially Engaged Photography put me on a trajectory that in the past, I did not think possible. I have always found joy working in my local community in some way or another – but combining my love of photography with this need for community forged a new relationship with working life.

Being given the platform and the opportunity to work creatively in my hometown has been nothing short of a privilege, and I thank Fotonow warmly for their trust in allowing me to develop my practice as a Community Photographer and Facilitator over the past four years.

Emma always got stuck in!

Photography as a tool for positive social change is something I really believe in, and it has been wonderful to be able to share this with so many open and welcoming groups. It has brought me happiness, challenged my perceptions and been very humbling. Plymouth can feel grey, and monotonous at times – but there are seedlings of creativity all over this city. Just waiting for someone, or something, to foster and nourish that thinking. To open that door.

To feel as though I have made an impact, however small, is something I will carry with me into this next life cycle of work. So I would like to give thanks to my colleagues and each person I have worked with during my time at Fotonow CIC – I wish them every success and growth in the years to come.

– Emma Winslet – Community Facilitator 

Facilitating Photo Walk Workshops was always a win