Meet the Team – Jim Baldwin

How did you come to work at Fotonow?

Luck, good timing and chance meetings. I neglected my Film & Media degree for a decade; once I realised this was in fact the career for me, I began making short videos for friends, and local community events. Through one of these, I was introduced to James and Matt who both had volunteering opportunities, and were willing to give people a leg-up.

How do you use your spare time?

Ideally – muddy, sweaty and bleeding. Mostly on a bike, but also just outside with at least the risk of one of these happening. I like fixing things (often after having broken them first), this also often involves sweating and bleeding. When I’m inside, I like sitting in front of a pair of good speakers, with a good book, or in a good pub.

What are the big issues driving your work?

Plymouth is a city that has seen better days, there is so much room for improvement everywhere you look. In spite of all the difficulties making things happen, there’s a huge community of people working on a grassroots level to make things better. Being able to shine a light on these projects to help them achieve their goals is a great privilege.

What’s inspiring you right now?

What are you enjoying working on right now?

January has been a quiet-ish month as far as filming was concerned, so I’ve mostly been sorting through a sea of hard drives. Footage piles up over the years, and things become especially disorganised during lockdowns with everyone working from home. So, sorting out our backups and making sure everything is organised properly going forward has been rather satisfying.