Meet the Team – Lisa Howard

How did you come to work at Fotonow?

I joined Fotonow in September 2017 as Social History Researcher on Bridging Barton: The Island Stories.  Working with and talking to residents about their memories and experiences of Barne Barton to piece together and share the unique history of this former naval estate, was an amazing experience.

How do you use your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring and discovering new perspectives on Plymouth.  As a relative newcomer to the City I still feel there is a lot to learn!

What are the big issues driving your work?

The big thing that drives my work at Fotonow, is bringing to life stories and experiences that might go untold or unseen, whether the memories of a long time resident of the Barne Barton Estate or finding out what motivates a volunteer to contribute their time to a project week after week. I am interested in the different ways this simple aim can be approached, how digital media can share these experiences effectively. I really enjoy working as part of an interdisciplinary team, which comprises the range of skills and interests within Fotonow.

What’s inspiring you right now?

PrairyErth – by William Least Heat Moon. He creates a picture of one place by layering different perspectives and points in time, using recorded interviews and historical narratives.

What are you enjoying working on right now?

A Timeline of Change: A History of Central Park Plymouth – researching and sharing the history of Plymouth’s largest open public park. The research phase of this project will come to an end soon and I am looking forward to presenting and sharing the outputs.