Tellus Tales – Farewell

The third and last month has probably been the most intense. Knowing that I would have to go home soon, I wanted to concentrate everything I had left to do in the to-do list of the last few weeks.

My roommate and I decided to use the last weekends to enjoy the sea and spend some time with our host family, while during the week I was helping Fotonow with some community projects, videomaking and office works.

The hardest thing was the greetings, not only saying goodbye to people, but also to some places where I lived for three months making memories. I felt at home in a place that was far from home, I made ties that I’ll always keep in my heart.

This was probably the most beautiful experience in my life until now, I’ve learnt not just about photography, but about life.

Now a new life is waiting for me at home, I’ll change school and move in a new city, but I’ll come back to Plymouth very, very soon!