Tellus Tales – Giulia’s First Month

I’m Giulia, I’m 19 years old, I’m from Italy and I will be working for Fotonow for about three months.

There are numerous reasons why I decided to come to work in England. First of all, I truly believe that being out of your comfort zone is the key to grow up and become the best version of yourself. I used to live with my parents, so learning how to live on my own could be the first step to my independence. Secondly, joining photography and English seemed to be a good connection, hoping to improve my skills in both fields. And last but not least, I really would like to visit the country as much as I can.

The first month here has been challenging, because there are certain cultural differences to adapt to in a new country, such as food and weather. Anyway, I’ve learnt to appreciate the sun, which is never a certainty, and to always keep an umbrella with me.

During my time at Fotonow, I had the chance to talk with people with the same passion as mine, and learn from them. One member of the staff, some days ago, told me that my photography should become like my pen, and that’s what I would like to reach here, and in the future as well. Every day I have the privilege to learn new experiences, such as expressing myself through my camera, or developing my own films in the darkroom.