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Crescent at Caradon Woods

Date: 2022 - Ongoing
Funders & Partners: The Rank Foundation, Greenwood Music CIC

Project details


Caradon Woods (near Callington in Cornwall) is managed by Greenwood Music CIC and has been a location for several past ‘wellbeing in nature’ community projects. Crescent is our ongoing women+ photography project which aims to support those identifying as female to feel less isolated and learn photography together. These regular visits to the woods allows participants to step away from city life and to reconnect with nature.

The camera is the instrument to play in the woods, make images and take notice of the environment in a more immersive way. These sessions have been funded by The Rank Foundation who continue to support Plymouth organisation to reduce loneliness and isolation through creative approaches to community development.

“It’s interesting how an activity like this can completely transform your way of thinking and looking by your mental state being at a much slower pace.” Cresent participant