Who we are

Fotonow CIC is a diverse team of filmmakers, photographers, media practitioners and educators specialising in socially motivated creative projects in the South West.


Our Team

Who we work with

"Fotonow brought new perspectives and approached all projects with creative flair, skill, and enthusiasm. We thoroughly enjoyed and valued our work together."

Emmie Readman, Green Minds Project Plymouth City Council

"I have worked closely with Fotonow on several community centred visual projects. It is a privilege to work alongside such a professional and impactful team of individuals."

Dr Clare Pettinger, University of Plymouth

"Fotonow’s proven track record in empowering young people to have a voice and to discover creative skills in doing this set them apart from other creative agencies in Plymouth."

Oliver Mackie, Barnardo’s

"Fotonow share our values and help us tell the story of the work we do in a person-centred and authentic way."

Clare Mains, Plymouth Energy Community

"Fotonow are skilled at working with communities – and are sensitive to individual needs. They offer huge amounts of creativity and ways of seeing things differently."

Plymouth City Council, Natural Infrastructure

"Reliability, great ethos in the work they execute, great vision for projects and a great working relationship with this particular community group."

Gemma Smith, Horizon Project

"A team of calm and understanding staff who strive engage people in the community. They went above and beyond in encouraging everyone to get involved."

Susannah Mclean, The Zone

"I’m really pleased I put my faith in placing our funds into this work as it has proven to be a real talking point."

Claire Harris, Sustrans