London Foto Walk

Sunday 5th November saw us run a popular photography walk around Shoreditch. Meeting up at The Photo Book Cafe, so see our South West Graduate Photography Prize first, the walk saw team members Emma Booth and Molly Budd support ideas, themes and encourage participants as we explore the streets of Shoreditch.

We’ve always seen photography as a tool to connect people and support individuals with a better sense of place. The London was saw people from diverse backgrounds (some international visitors too) come together for an Autumnal wander with cameras. Some of our images from the session are on our Flickr page.

Matt from the Photo Book Cafe also joined to assist with ideas and help with the route, some of those booked on planning to return to the Zine night at the cafe on Monday evening. It’s lovely to see how three hours of photography can see someone develop news skills and make new friendships.

We’re always happy to run our Foto Walks in your community, so do get in touch if you need to discuss a project;

images © Fotonow CIC