Silver Screen: POP Collective

Fotonow, Red Velvet Cinema and Plymouth Arts Cinema are thrilled to unveil ‘Silver Screen’, an innovative collaboration dedicated to combating loneliness and social isolation among older adults in Plymouth. Through bi-weekly filmmaking sessions accommodating up to 15 participants aged 65 and above, Silver Screen aims to challenge preconceptions about creative media accessibility. Our goal is to foster confidence among Plymouth residents, encouraging them to explore new activities and amplify underrepresented voices and narratives through digital media.

Silver Screen needs the POP community’s votes in order to go ahead! Please vote for Silver Screen at the following link, and do use your other votes to support the other fantastic collaborative projects in the city!


Our partnership with Plymouth Arts Cinema, the sole independent cinema in the city, complements Silver Screen’s mission. Plymouth Arts Cinema champions inclusivity through its film screenings, festivals, and events, welcoming participation from all corners of the community. Similarly, Red Velvet Cinema fosters connection among seniors through the magic of classic films, creating a warm atmosphere conducive for socialising and nostalgia.

By harnessing the power of creative media, Silver Screen aspires to combat loneliness and unite communities in Plymouth, infusing positivity into the lives of our elderly citizens. Your vote for the Silver Screen project can help us uplift communities at risk of isolation and amplify their stories, benefiting not only individuals aged 65 and above but also enriching the fabric of our entire city. POP members can explore and support other innovative POP projects by heading to the POP website: