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Finishing Time at a Distance

Date: 2021
Partners & Funders: The University of Plymouth, LandWorks CIO, The British Academy

Project details


Fotonow visually documented the “Finishing Time at a Distance” research project with the University of Plymouth and LandWorks CIC, funded by The British Academy. The collaboration centred on LandWorks, a resettlement charity aiding individuals in or at risk of incarceration.

Fotonow’s diverse visual approach included a compelling film showcasing personal journeys and societal impact. Photographers captured the project’s essence, reflected in a Zine featuring participant case studies and their reflections. A curated exhibit, presented at a LandWorks open day, amplified research findings through impactful statistics, photographic storytelling and excerpts from the film.

Finishing time and moving on: Life after punishment

Fotonow’s involvement transcended traditional documentation, adding visual depth to the narrative and ensuring broad accessibility to the project’s outcomes. This multifaceted visual storytelling showcased the resilience and reintegration stories to a wider audience, fostering community understanding and empathy.

Our film subsequently supported LandWorks successful nomination as ‘Outstanding Local or Regional Organisation’ in the Criminal Justice Alliance Awards 2021.