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Gathered: Cooking at The Corner

Date: 2018
Funders & Partners: Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support, Aviva Community Fund, People's Health Trust, Crowdfunder

Project details


Gathered: Cooking at The Corner united refugees and asylum seekers through photography and cooking at Union Corner in Plymouth, fostering cross-cultural connection and the sharing of over 20 global recipes. The resultant recipe book, “Gathered: Cooking at the Corner,” embodies the project’s essence—a visual and culinary celebration of shared experiences and cultural fusion.



Gathered: Cooking at The Corner was a collaborative initiative between Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support (DCRS) and Fotonow CIC taking place between January and June 2018. Beginning as a weekly gathering at Union Corner in Plymouth, it evolved into an inspiring fusion of photography, culinary exploration, cultural exchange, and community building.

Bringing together 22 refugees and asylum seekers in Plymouth, Gathered became a platform for shared experiences, learning, and creativity. Participants engaged in cooking sessions, photography lessons and storytelling, fostering a space where individuals could connect, share their backgrounds and integrate without barriers.

The heart of the project lay in its inclusive nature, blending the art of photography with the universal language of food. Through over 26 sessions held across different locations in Plymouth (Union Corner, Fotonow HQ, and St Saviours Hall) the project cultivated an environment where cultural integration and connection flourished. More than just a culinary endeavour, it became a medium for self-expression, skill development, and social interaction, essential ingredients for mental wellbeing.

The resulting “Gathered: Cooking at the Corner” recipe book – generously crowdfunded by the people of Plymouth – stands as a testament to the project’s success. Featuring photography created by participants and detailing over 20 recipes from around the world, each dish was not merely a meal but a story, capturing the essence of traditions, memories, and connections. From arepas to beef kebabs, the book encapsulates the journey of participants sharing their cherished recipes and the amalgamation of cultures, forming a tangible representation of the project’s impact.

Ultimately, Gathered transcended the boundaries of a typical initiative; it was a transformative experience that celebrated diversity, friendship, and the powerful union of art, cuisine, and community.


For me personally, I came to Plymouth and I haven’t got any family so this is an improvement for me, like integration. It helps me in a way, sometimes when I’m in a pickle, I come to this session and I get a little bit of relief. They can motivate you, they can show you what is life and help you calm down.” Gathered Participant