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Nature Immersion with Greenwood Music

Date: 2020 - 2021
Client: Greenwood Music CIC

Project details


During the pandemic, we were commissioned by Greenwood Music CIC to craft a series of four short films under the banner of “Nature Immersion.”

These films served a unique purpose during the challenging COVID-19 lockdowns. With the inability to host their usual in-person nature immersion courses, Greenwood Music sought an innovative solution and our task was to create short videos to punctuate their Zoom sessions.

Nature Immersion with Greenwood Music - Episode One

These films not only provided a glimpse into the serene woodland experiences but also offered participants a brief respite from the virtual world, fostering a moment of tranquility amidst the digital meetings.

Our collaboration with Greenwood Music CIC allowed us to adapt to the times and offer a calming, nature-infused escape for their audience.