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Unlocked at Respect Festival

Date: 2022
Funders & Partners: The Rank Foundation

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Unlocked Youth is our ongoing open youth programme that aims to support 13-21 year olds to engage in media and participate in cultural opportunities. Unlocked reported on Respect Festival 2022 in capturing what is a significant space for celebrating a multicultural and tolerant city.

Unlocked Interview Luke Pollard MP at Respect Festival, 2022.

Leading up to the festival we taught filmmaking, photography and journalism that allowed participants to feel confident on the day capturing the event. We had the opportunity to delve behind the scenes and ask questions to those producing and taking part in the festival. We even had young people interview local MP Luke Pollard!

Supported by The Rank Foundation this educational programme is in response to a reduced youth service and our commitment to informal creative education that brings young people from different backgrounds together to offer a younger voice in shaping a better Plymouth.