The Creative Team



We bring the equipment and a unique blend of expertise to facilitate community-driven participatory media projects. Our projects put cameras in people’s hands and support them to tell their own stories.  With years of experience working directly with communities, we’re proud of the outcomes  we’ve achieved.


These days, it seems everyone sees the world through a camera lens. This shared visual language makes photography a hugely accessible format. Our photographers bring a range of skills in documentary, events and portrait work. We also work with archives, and provide skills in a range of analogue and alternative processes. Through our fotoplus brand we produce high quality contemporary commercial images.


Our film production team specialise in documenting socially motivated projects. Film is the perfect tool to tell the story of your project and evidence the impact of your work. Have a look at our case studies, and visit our vimeo site for more examples.  Interested in commissioning commercial film work? visit FotoPlus.

Camper Obscura

Acting as our outreach vehicle, our iconic ‘Camper Obscura’ is a giant camera on wheels! Using the simple technology of the camera obscura, we can project images of our surroundings into the back of our vintage T25 van. After a £20k refit in 2016, thanks to the Social Enterprise Investment Fund Camper now also provides a unique learning space for media projects. For bookings and to find out more, head to Camper Obscuras site

Our clients