Reclaim the Night walk with Trevi

Last Friday we saw Emma Booth support some of our Crescent Women+ Photography Group attend the ‘Reclaim the Night‘ walk organised by Trevi. The event aimed to ‘celebrate empowerment and unity […] inspired by incredible women, thought-provoking discussions, and a vibrant atmosphere as we take back the streets of Plymouth.’

It was an amazing atmosphere with so many in attendance, we were proud to take part and for the past four years have run dedicated women’s groups that help develop skills and confidence. We’re grateful to have been supported by Trevi and the Sunflower Women’s Centre in the development of our programmes.

Our Crescent group have produced exhibition and often got involved with the city’s cultural events, to find out more have a look here. moving forwards we hope to link up with the End Violence Against Women and Girls work being undertaken in Plymouth and keen to develop partnerships along the way.

We’ll have more Foto Walks ahead and some of these will be run at night with the ambition to help integrate everyone into making Plymouth a more friendly and safer city – the streets are our playground and should be welcoming!

To find out more about our women+ group contact:

Photography by Emma Booth (Fotonow CIC)