Red Velvet Cinema Portraits

We were commissioned by Red Velvet Cinema in Plymouth to create a set of portraits of their patrons, which were then exhibited at a celebration event for the group in January 2024. Fotonow community photographer Emma Booth made some beautiful work with the group, words by Emma below:

“I had an amazing time with the Red Velvet Cinema group, getting to know them and hearing their stories with such a warm welcome every time. It didn’t take long for me to see the immeasurable impact Red Velvet Cinema has on the individuals that are part of it.

Communities like this are so vital for bringing people together and giving people a sense of belonging, I felt that even just through photographing them for a few sessions – so much joy in one room! It was a pleasure to see each person being celebrated at the event through these portraits.”

Take a look at the Red Velvet Cinema portraits!